Section 3 Business Enterprise Certificate

I, (Your Name ) the undersigned being duly sworn, on oath, represents, warrants, certifies, deposes and says, under penalty of law, as follows:

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Please select "Yes" or "No".  If you answer "YES" to one or more of the following questions, you may designated your company as a Section 3 Business Enterprise.

Is 51% or more of the business owned by Section 3 residents?
Are 30% or more of the company’s full-time employees Section 3 residents, or were Section 3 residents within the past three years?
Will this business commit to subcontract 25% or more of all NRHA dollar awards to other Section 3 business enterprises?
The company hereby agrees to provide, upon request, documents verifying the information provided on this form.

The following are the Optional definitions for Minority and women-owned business enterprises. Please check the appropriate boxes under the subheading “Minority Group Member(s)” that best define the minority ownership status of your business.

Definition of Minority-owned Business Enterprise is:
·      51% or more minority group members own the company; or
·      51% or more of voting stock owned is controlled by minority group member(s).

Definition of Woman-owned Business Enterprise is:
·      51% owned by a woman or women who are United States citizens who also control or operate the business

Federal Designation of Minority Group
Hispanic- American
Asian-Indian American
Asian -Pacific American
Hasidic Jewish American, and/or
Woman Owned

By Submitting this form you agree that you are the Business Owner or Authorized Representative.